Introducing Strygwyr's Claws and a voting feature.


  • Items:
    • Strygwyr's Claws
      • Strygwyr's thirst for blood embodied in an item, these claws cause any unit hooked by their wielder to take a portion of the distance dragged as damage.
      • Damage: 15% of distance dragged by hook
      • Damage increment: 5%
    • Demonstration:

    • The icon is temporary and will be replaced shortly
  • General:
    • Added feature to vote for the number of kills needed to win the game.
    • Twenty seconds before the game the players can vote on three different winning conditions: 50, 100, or 200 kills
    • To vote type: !vote50, !vote100, or !vote200


  • Items:
    • Fixed a bug where items couldn't be retrieved from stash or dropped from the players inventory
  • Power Ups:
    • Shield Barrier
      • Hooks will now bounce off a player that is under the influence of the Shield Barrier power up.
      • Demonstration:

By: aderum, 2014-06-19

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