600k Subscriber Celebration Patch


  • Added informational UI popups to help guide newer players.
  • Added Game Info panel to simply explain the game rules and objective.


  • Barathrum's Lantern cost reduced to 650 from 800.
  • Earthshaker's Totem cost reduced to 400 from 600.
  • Grappling Hook cost reduced to 200 from 650.
  • Lycan's Paw cost reduced to 500 from 600.
  • Naix's Jaw cost reduced to 450 from 750.
  • Ricochet Turbine cost reduced to 350 from 750.
  • Strygwyr's Claws cost reduced to 650 from 800.
  • Techies' Explosive Barrel cost reduced to 600 from 800
  • Tiny's Arm cost reduced to 500 from 700.
  • Tome of Strength cost reduced to 150 from 2000.
  • Tome of Wisdom cost reduced to 200 from 2000.
  • Tome of Power cost reduced to 125 from 2000.
  • Reveal cost reduced to 40 from 90.
  • Healing Salve cost reduced to 50 from 100.
  • Potion of Greater Healing cost reduced to 75 from 450.


  • Basic pudgewars map updated with a greater level of detail.
  • Brand new Winter map added to the game.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed script error caused by script attempting to cleanup disconnected player's Pudge before they even had a Pudge.
  • Fixed script error caused by calling on null Upgrade Ability.
  • Fixed issue with Strength Tome bonus health being reset when stats were recalculated.

By: Kobb, 2015-06-26

Pudge Wars is an user made addon to Dota 2. It is in no way associated with or endorsed by Valve Corporation ®
Developed by Kobb and Aderum with help from many other. See About for more information and credits