This update contains a new rune and changes to the hook visual.


  • Runes:
    • Thunder Rune

    • When a pudge hooks the Thunder Rune his hook will be charged with thunder, making his hook spawn lightning on hit.
      See below.


  • Hook
    • The hook chain visual has been changed from spawning Shuriken units to using the chain particle. This makes the game a lot less resource intensive and reduces lag greatly. We will continue working on this to make the visual as good as possible.
  • Items:
    • Fixed Earthshakers Totem sometimes spawning ont op of players making them unable to move.

By: aderum, 2014-07-01

Pudge Wars is an user made addon to Dota 2. It is in no way associated with or endorsed by Valve Corporation ®
Developed by Kobb and Aderum with help from many other. See About for more information and credits