A small patch has been uploaded today.


  • Voting now takes place during pre-game loading
  • A new workshop preview has been added
  • A new loadscreen has been added

By: PudgeWars, 2015-09-06

600k Subscriber Celebration Patch


  • Added informational UI popups to help guide newer players.
  • Added Game Info panel to simply explain the game rules and objective.


  • Barathrum's Lantern cost reduced to 650 from 800.
  • Earthshaker's Totem cost reduced to 400 from 600.
  • Grappling Hook cost reduced to 200 from 650.
  • Lycan's Paw cost reduced to 500 from 600.
  • Naix's Jaw cost reduced to 450 from 750.
  • Ricochet Turbine cost reduced to 350 from 750.
  • Strygwyr's Claws cost reduced to 650 from 800.
  • Techies' Explosive Barrel cost reduced to 600 from 800
  • Tiny's Arm cost reduced to 500 from 700.
  • Tome of Strength cost reduced to 150 from 2000.
  • Tome of Wisdom cost reduced to 200 from 2000.
  • Tome of Power cost reduced to 125 from 2000.
  • Reveal cost reduced to 40 from 90.
  • Healing Salve cost reduced to 50 from 100.
  • Potion of Greater Healing cost reduced to 75 from 450.


  • Basic pudgewars map updated with a greater level of detail.
  • Brand new Winter map added to the game.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed script error caused by script attempting to cleanup disconnected player's Pudge before they even had a Pudge.
  • Fixed script error caused by calling on null Upgrade Ability.
  • Fixed issue with Strength Tome bonus health being reset when stats were recalculated.

By: Kobb, 2015-06-26

Reborn update

This update fixes errors that happened after Valve released the Dota 2 Reborn Beta client.
It should now be playable in the Reborn client.

  • Stopped loading stats and load helper
  • Removed statcollection triggers
  • Altered ApplyDamage
  • Fixed several item bugs
  • Fixed health bar offset on Reveal item
  • Removed team assignment code
  • Fixed bug where runes would be removed twice
  • Fixed problem with Shield Barrier rune calling on null variable
  • Temporarily removed lightning rune due to critical bug
  • Removed null variable bug causing game to fail to load
  • Fixed issue with shop displaying regular items in alternate maps
  • Added a custom loadscreen
  • Pudge is no longer stunned during pre-game voting.
  • Fixed script error caused by script attempting to cleanup disconnected player's Pudge before they even had a Pudge
  • Fixed script error caused by calling on statcollection when game ended

Headshot away!

By: PudgeWars, 2015-06-18

Custom Games Workshop-tools update!


  • Added custom headers for Headshot and Deny


  • Meathook
    • Changed cooldown to 3 seconds (from 8)
    • Reworked the chain-visual
  • Misc
    • Disabled regular Dota 2 announcer
    • Fixed missing Headshot sounds
  • General
    • Made Pudge Wars compatible with the Custom Games Workshop-tools

By: aderum, 2014-09-26

Balance update to techies mines.


  • Items:

    • Techie's Explosive Barrel
      • Cost: 800 (from 700)
      • Cast Point: 1.5 (from 0)
      • Cooldown: 30 (from 20)

      • Max Level Bonus: Detonate now takes three seconds to explode, counting down for everybody to see.
      • Max Level Bonus: Detonate radius has been changed from 400 to 200.

By: aderum, 2014-07-24

Mega Item Update!


  • Items:
    • Tome of Wisdom:
      • Grants experience to the user, raising their level by one.
      • Cost: 2000 gold
    • Tome of Power:
      • Grants damage to the user, raising their damage by 25.
      • Cost: 2000 gold
    • Tome of Strength:
      • Grants health to the user, raising their health by 100.
      • Cost: 2000 gold


  • Ability Layout:
    • The ability layout has been changed to give space for max level item actives.
      Hook upgrades are now found in a sub layout available by clicking the up-arrow. To return to the main layout hit the down-arrow.
      Max Level item active bonuses will be assigned to the three empty slots.
      See image below:

      Smiley face

  • Items:
    • Added max level bonus for the items that were missing one, and some general updates.

      • Tiny's Arm
        - Max Level Bonus: (Passive) Toss stuns target on impact for two seconds and deals 200 damage.
        - Tiny's Arm is now point targeted.

      • Strygwyr's Claws
        - Max Level Bonus: (Passive) Leaves a rupture on the target after the hook finishes for 3 seconds.

      • Naix's Jaw
        - Max Level Bonus: (Passive) Pudge's normal attacks steal 15% life.

      • Techie's Explosive Barrel
        - Max Level Bonus: (Active) Pudge detonates his barrel, blowing up and killing himself and others around him.
        - Mine model has been updated.

      • Grappling Hook
        - Max Level Bonus: (Active) Short distance teleportation that allows Pudge to move in and out of combat.

      • Earthshaker's Totem
        - Max Level Bonus: (Active) Pudge slams the ground with Earthshaker's totem, fissuring the earth while stunning and damaging enemy units in a line.

      • Barathrum's Lantern
        - The bash from the max level bonus will now stun the target for 1.2 seconds.

  • General:
    • Level cap has been raised to 40.
    • Allies are now deniable at all times with normal auto attacks.
    • Runes will now disappear directly when the hook is finished.

By: aderum, 2014-07-22

This update contains a new voting screen and general improvements to the code.


  • Voting:
    • Voting is now done via a window that is displayed the first 25 seconds of the game.
      See below for example:

  • General:
    • Bugs that caused the player to be stuck at a point where no hooks could be thrown should now be completely gone.
    • Fixed bug that caused teams to shuffle from the teams shown on d2moddin.
    • General changes to the code to make it more stable.

By: aderum, 2014-07-17

Bug fixes and new hook tooltip.


  • Hook
    • The tooltip for the hook has been updated. Hoovering over the hook upgrades will now show your current level of the upgrade, and the current value of the upgrade.
  • Fixed bugs that would cause the player to not being able to throw their hook anymore.


By: aderum, 2014-07-10

This update contains bug fixes.


  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed bugs that would cause the player to not being able to throw their hook anymore.

By: aderum, 2014-07-02

This update contains a new rune and changes to the hook visual.


  • Runes:
    • Thunder Rune

    • When a pudge hooks the Thunder Rune his hook will be charged with thunder, making his hook spawn lightning on hit.
      See below.


  • Hook
    • The hook chain visual has been changed from spawning Shuriken units to using the chain particle. This makes the game a lot less resource intensive and reduces lag greatly. We will continue working on this to make the visual as good as possible.
  • Items:
    • Fixed Earthshakers Totem sometimes spawning ont op of players making them unable to move.

By: aderum, 2014-07-01

Spring cleaning v2.0 and two new items!


  • Items:

    • Ricochet's Turbine
      • Pudge's Hook gains power by bouncing.
      • Extra damage: 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5 per bounce
      • Damage Increment: 10%
      • Example: 5 bounces with level 5 Ricochets will do an additional 250% damage.
    • Earthshaker's Totem
      • Active: Creates a barrier which deflects hooks.
      • Health: 750/900/1050/1200/1350
      • Health Increase: 150
      • Cooldown: 40 seconds


  • General:
    • Changed kill limit to 50,75,100 (from 50,100,200)
  • Runes:
    • Made firerune long enough for the pudge to cast a hook twice with the fire effect (24 seconds)
    • Changed damage on fire from firerune to 100 per second (from 50)
    • Changed damage on Shield Barrier to 200 per second (from 100)
  • Hook:
    • Fixed bug where Pudge could throw more than one hook at the same time.
  • Items:
    • Fixed bug where a player could gain the effect of two instances of the same item.
  • Map:
    • "Map is now 20% cooler" - Azarak


By: aderum, 2014-06-29

Introducing Strygwyr's Claws and a voting feature.


  • Items:
    • Strygwyr's Claws
      • Strygwyr's thirst for blood embodied in an item, these claws cause any unit hooked by their wielder to take a portion of the distance dragged as damage.
      • Damage: 15% of distance dragged by hook
      • Damage increment: 5%
    • Demonstration:

    • The icon is temporary and will be replaced shortly
  • General:
    • Added feature to vote for the number of kills needed to win the game.
    • Twenty seconds before the game the players can vote on three different winning conditions: 50, 100, or 200 kills
    • To vote type: !vote50, !vote100, or !vote200


  • Items:
    • Fixed a bug where items couldn't be retrieved from stash or dropped from the players inventory
  • Power Ups:
    • Shield Barrier
      • Hooks will now bounce off a player that is under the influence of the Shield Barrier power up.
      • Demonstration:

By: aderum, 2014-06-19

Introducing bouncing hooks and Power Ups!


  • Power Ups:
    • A Power Up rune will spawn at the bottom of the river every 40 seconds. It will move towards the top of the river before disapearing. To get the effect of the Power Up the players need to either hook it or attack it.
      There are currently five different Power Up runes in the game:
      • Hyper Speed
        • Slows down time for everybody but the Pudge that hooked it. Movement speed and hook speed is decreased for the others and increased for the Pudge that hooked it.

      • Gold
        • Gives 500 gold to the Pudge that hooked it.

      • Shield Barrier
        • Creates a shield around the Pudge that hooked it that deals 100 damage per second to enemies and allies.

      • Fire
        • Makes the hook for the Pudge that hooked it leave a trail of fire that deals 50 damage per second.

      • Dynamite
        • Makes the Pudge that hooked it explode after 10 seconds dealing 3000 damage to enemies and allies in a 400 radius.


  • Hook:
    • The hook will now bounce on the walls and on the fountain in the middle.
    • The hook will now grab people on the way back to the caster.
    • The hook will now follow pudge all the way back to where pudge is moving.

    • Hooking an ally that is currently being hooked will now deny that ally.


By: aderum, 2014-06-07

Pudge now has the same stats as in the original Pudge Wars.



  • Pudge:
    • Attributes:
      • Health: 1500 (930 + base strength)
      • Strength: 30 (+3)
      • Intelligence: 10 (+0)
      • Agility: 10 (+0)
      • Armor: 0
      • Move speed: 350
      • Damage: 100 / 100 (70 + base strength)

  • Items:
    • Barathrum's Lantern's max level bonus now applies to auto attacks instead of the hook.


By: aderum, 2014-05-31

The biggest update since the initial release is filled with new stuff.
We have a completely new map, three new items, and new/updated icons.


  • Barathrum's Lantern
    • Increases hook damage proportionally to speed.
    • Damage Increase: 25% of your hook's speed
    • Increment: 5% of hook speed added to damage per level
    • Max Level Bonus: 17% chance to activate a 300 damage Powerbash.
    • Cost: 800

  • Techies' Explosive Barrel
    • Allows Pudge to lay mines
    • Damage: 500
    • Increment: 75 per level
    • Cooldown: 20 seconds
    • Cost: 700

  • Naix's Jaw
    • Hook steal life
    • Lifesteal: 20%
    • Increment: 5% per level
    • Cost: 750


  • Lycan's Paws
    • Added Max Level Bonus: +12% movespeed, +27% IAS

  • Map

    • We have a completely new map that is a 1 to 1 scale of the original WC3 map.
    • You will only have vision of the enemy side when you have something giving you vision there (a player or a ward).
    • The map now also have a fountain in the middle of river that will heal players standing near it for 1% of their health per second.

    Here are some screenshots of the new map and some updated icons:

By: aderum, 2014-05-24

This update contains new item icons and a vision fix to the map.



  • Updated icons for Grappling Hook, Naix's Jaw, Tiny's Arm, and Lycan's Paws.

    • Grappling Hook
    • Naix's Jaw
    • Tiny's Arm
    • Lycan's Paws
  • Updated vision for the teams on the map. Now you will only see your side of the map, as long as there is nothing giving you vision of the enemy side. Click on a picture to get a large version.
    • Starting vision:

    • Vision allied player on the enemie side:


By: aderum, 2014-05-06

This update contains a new item and upgrades to current items.


  • Items:

    • N'aix's Jaw - N'aix's ravenous hunger overcomes Pudge, making his hooks steal life.
      • Lifesteal: 20%/25%/30%/35%/40%
      • Cost: 750 gold
      • Purchase your item up to 5 times to make it stronger


  • Grappling Hook, Tiny's Arm and Lycan's Paws can now be upgraded up to 5 times

    • Grappling Hook
      • Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6

    • Lycan's Paws
      • Movespeed Increase: 50/75/100/125/150

    • Tiny's Arm
      • Toss Range: 1000/1500/2000/2500/3000
      • Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6


By: aderum, 2014-05-04

Added new item "Lycan's Paws"


  • Items
    • Lycan's Paws
      • The quickfooted spirit of Banehallow empowers Pudge's usually plodding movespeed
      • Cost: 600 gold
      • Movespeed bonus: 75
      • Movespeed increment: 25



By: aderum, 2014-04-02




  • Fixed bugs with Headshot sometimes not being executed.


By: aderum, 2014-03-31

The first alpha build of Pudge Wars is now released.


  • Spells:
    • Meat hook:
      • 0 Mana
      • 10 seconds cooldown
      • Distance, Width, Damage, and speed can be upgraded by level up points.
  • Items:
    • Grappling Hook:
      • Pudge launches a grappling hook at a structure, allowing him to pass through otherwise impassable terrain.
      • Distance: 2500
      • Cooldown: 10 seconds
      • Cost: 650 gold
    • Tiny's Arm:
      • Allows Pudge to throw allies and enemies alike to targeted unit.
      • Distance: 2500
      • Cooldown: 10 seconds
      • Cost: 700 gold
    • Observer Ward:
      • Gives vision of an area around the observer ward.
      • Sight range: 1600 / 1600
      • Cost: 150 gold
      • Duration: 7 minutes
    • Reveal:
      • Gives true sight in an area around the targeted location.
      • Reveal range: 800
      • Duration: 30 seconds
      • Cooldown: 0 seconds
      • Cost: 90 gold
    • Healing Salve:
      • Regenerates a targeted units hit points over time.
      • Hit points regenerated: 1000
      • Time: 60 seconds
      • Cost: 150 gold
      • Cooldown: 0 seconds
    • Potion of Greater Healing:
      • Instantly heals the unit.
      • Hit points healed: 750
      • Cooldown: 40 seconds
      • Cost: 150 gold



By: aderum, 2014-03-30

Pudge Wars is an user made addon to Dota 2. It is in no way associated with or endorsed by Valve Corporation ®
Developed by Kobb and Aderum with help from many other. See About for more information and credits