We have not updated the website in a while, but now it is time for that.

In early August Valve released the Alpha for Custom Games Workshop tools. This alpha changed how a lot of things works. Maps, particles, sounds, and scripts all had some major changes to them made, so we had to spend a lot of time fixing everything up again.

We had Pudge Wars playable fairly quickly on the Workshop, but we have been working since them to improve it and make it work as good as possible on the new platform.

Now we have come to a point where we feel that we have everything working as it used to, and we even have some completely new changes implemented into Pudge Wars.
Some examples for that is:

  • Meathook cooldown is now 3 seconds (from 8)
  • The regular Dota announcer has been disabled
  • Added custom Headshot and Deny headers (see picture below)
  • We started working on some stat-tracking to help us identify problems or other other things that we should be aware of (Special thanks to Jimmydorry, Ash47 and Sinz for the stat-tracking backend)

We put all the changes up to now into the changelog found here: v0.80

We are aware that people find it really hard to actually have everybody load into a custom game right now, unfortunately this is not something that we control. Valve is responsible for the lobbies and for people joining the games, so we have to be patient and let continue working on their tools to make it as stable as possible.

We will continue working on Pudge Wars to make it as balanced and fun as possible. Please let us now if you have any complaints or suggestions.


By: aderum, 2014-09-26

Pudge Wars is an user made addon to Dota 2. It is in no way associated with or endorsed by Valve Corporation ®
Developed by Kobb and Aderum with help from many other. See About for more information and credits