The time has finally come to officially announce Pudge Wars for Dota 2, a remake of the classic WC3 Mod. This project is the result of months of work by Kobb and Aderum, with some help from other people.

What is Pudge Wars?

Pudge Wars is primarily a team game, like Dota 2. Each player controls a Pudge with only one spell to use: Meat Hook. The teams faces off on a square map divided by an uncross-able river. The first team to get 50 kills wins the game. Kill players to level up and spend ability points to upgrade the damage, radius, distance, and speed of your hook. Buy custom items such as the Grappling Hook to help you secure even more kills. Here is a video of some gameplay. Keep in mind this video is from a while back and some things have been added since then.



Instantly kill your enemy by hitting a hook when he is already being hooked by another player. Currently this only works with enemy hooks. In the future we plan to implement allied headshot denies.



Pudge Wars not only offers a new map and new ways of upgrading your Meat Hook, it also contains custom items. You can purchase consumables like healing salves or gameplay changing items like the Grappling Hook.You can purchase upgrades for your item up to level 5. They will get stronger at each level.

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Right now these items are in the game:

  • Grappling Hook - Pudge launches a grappling hook at a structure, allowing him to pass through otherwise impassable terrain.
  • Tiny's Arm - Allows Pudge to throw allies and enemies alike to targeted unit.
  • Lycan's Paws - Empowers Pudge's usually plodding movespeed with the quickfooted spirit of Banehallow.
  • N'aix's Jaw - N'aix's ravenous hunger overcomes Pudge, making his hooks steal life.
  • Observer Ward - Gives vision of an area around the observer ward.
  • Reveal - Gives true sight in an area around the targeted location.
  • Healing Salve - Regenerates a targeted units hit points over time.
  • Potion of Greater Healing - Instantly heals the unit.
Please note that most of the icons are temporary and subject to change.

Upgrading your Hook

You can upgrade the range, damage, speed and size of your Meat Hook by using your upgrade points. Each upgrade costs 1 point and you gain 1 point every time you level up. You can see the amount of points you currently have in your buffs bar.

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How to Play

Pudge Wars is ready to be played but we need a platform to allow people to play it on. There is a platform that is almost ready and you will be able to play it there very easily and very soon. All you will need to do is press play. Meanwhile, we will try to host some matches using dedicated servers.

More Information

Pudge Wars for Dota 2 will be continuously updated. Some things are not yet possible to create with Valves current interface for making custom games, but as soon as Valve releases better interfaces we will update Pudge Wars to make it as close to the original as possible. The easiest way to know when we update Pudge Wars is to be subscribed to our subreddit or to visist the Changelogs section of this page. You can also join our Steam Group.

If you want to report a bug the best way is to make a post in our subreddit with pictures and descriptions of the problem, and we will try to fix it as soon as possible. If you want to contact us personally you can do so through Steam, here and here.

By: Kobb, 01/05/2014

Pudge Wars is an user made addon to Dota 2. It is in no way associated with or endorsed by Valve Corporation ®
Developed by Kobb and Aderum with help from many other. See About for more information and credits