Pudge Wars is an addon to Dota 2.
It can be suscribed to on the Dota 2 Workshop.

Main developers: Kobb And Aderum
Mapper: Azarak
Developer: BMD
Artist: Queaks

Credits to:
Original WC3 Pudge Wars creators: Siraraz and Tossrock

All the people who works hard to document all the interfaces against Dota 2, including, but not limited to, Penguinwizzard, Hex6, Ash47, Tet, Psychonic and RoyAwesome.

See here for more information.

Report bugs:
Create a thread on our subreddit with a description about the problem.

Pudge Wars is an user made addon to Dota 2. It is in no way associated with or endorsed by Valve Corporation ®
Developed by Kobb and Aderum with help from many other. See About for more information and credits